All The New La Liga League Manager Salaries 2021/22 Season

All The New La Liga League Manager Salaries 2021/22 Season

All The New La Liga League Manager Salaries 2021/22 Season

Spanish La Liga is one of the most financially successful football leagues in the world; footballers are paid a considerable sum of money each year in the form of annual salary and bonuses, apart from the players. The La Liga team invests heavily in their management, for their own team, they hired the greatest and brightest coach available.
They are prepared to spend any money, in order to do this, it’s impossible to put a figure on a coach's compensation. It's difficult to put into words; they're clearly uncomfortable discussing their pay. As a result, describing the precise wage information is a challenging issue. We did, however, collect the annual earnings of a few coaches. It's difficult to reveal the actual amount of a manager's wage, just as it is for any other employee, although some La Liga annual earnings were gathered despite the fact that they were not exact figures.

All The La Liga Manager Salaries 2021/22 Season 





Carlo Anceloti

Real Madrid

£6 million 

£50 million

Julen Lopetegui


£15 million 

£33 million

Manuel Pellegrini

Real Betis

£5 million

£30 million

 Diego Simeone


£12.5 million




 £8 million 


Andoni Iraola


£1.5 million

Imanol Alguacil

Real Sociedad

£3.5 million 


Unai Emery


£9.5 million


Jose Bordalas


 £3.5 million 

£4.5 million

Marcelino Garcia


£5 million


Vicente Moreno




Eduardo Coudet

Celta Vigo

£3.5 million

Robert Moreno


£6.7 million 

Jagoba Arrasate


£3.6 million


Luis Garcia



Quique Sanchez


£1.3 million

Fran Escriba


£1.4 million 


Javier Calleja


£1.2 million


Alvaro Cervera



Alessio Lisci


£1.5 million

£4.03 million


So far, the best paid football manager in La Liga is Diego Simeone of Atletico Madrid, who earns a yearly compensation of 43.2 million euros, making him one of the most well-paid football managers in the world, if not the most well-paid.

Atletico Madrid's manager is the best paid manager in Europe, with a salary of 43.2 million euros a year, nearly doubles that of Pep Guardiola, the second most paid football manager in Europe.

Some clubs have canceled their previous contracts before the time limit has run out.

And some are still on the prior contract, with the intention of extending it.

Currently, the clubs are on the lookout for the greatest coach in order to develop world-class coaching facilities on their premises. And in exchange, they agree to spend a substantial sum.

LA Liga, on the other hand, is one of the most popular football leagues in the world.

They have a lot of well-known players from all around the world.

There are a large number of fans here. That is why we publish financial information on the pay of club managers.


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